Friday, December 28, 2007

TMP: Hello and Disclaimer

[Part of The Molyneux Project; read the main critique here]

It appears that Stefan and the rest of the folks at Freedomain Radio have discovered my blog, which is an incredible honor. I admit that I had sort of hoped to compose my thoughts a little bit better than I will here before presenting them to him and all of you, for two reasons. First, I didn't want to make points that would be addressed later in his book. That can be incredibly annoying. And second, I didn't want to come off as too critical. I really am enjoying this book, and it's likely that I'll deal mostly with my objections on this blog, and fail to give enough credit to the work that Stefan has put forth. This is especially important in light of Stefan's unexpected generosity and genuine belief that he has accomplished something important. If at the end of this book, I agree with him, then it's clear that the little things that I pick at over the course of reading will fade completely into insignificance. So when reading my critiques, please keep in mind that I'm using this as a notepad, and not as a platform for insulting Stefan's intelligence. If I tried to do what Stefan has done, it's inconceivable that I would not make serious mistakes. I'm only trying to keep track of those that Stefan makes, so that I can challenge any later conclusions that he draws. I hope this proves helpful for all of you, but especially for Stefan as he revises and improves upon his work. Thanks for reading!

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Anonymous said...

Your admirable Molyneux Project is also discussed here:

You can also find more UPB analysis and criticism on there. See:

Finally, Roderick Long made some good arguments against Hoppe's Argumentation Ethics Argument that is in some ways similar to Molyneux' UPB

Hope that helps,


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