Sunday, February 22, 2009

Best weekend ever! My climate change paper is being published!

So on top of getting admitted into the University of Arizona PhD program on Friday, I just received an e-mail from Dr. Robert Higgs informing me that my paper, "Justice and Climate Change: Towards a Libertarian Analysis," has been accepted for publication in The Independent Review (tentatively in the Fall issue)! So all of you loyal readers out there (do I have loyal readers?) should watch out for that to come out!

Thanks are due especially to my senior honors thesis advisor Dr. Harry Brighouse, Dr. Daniel Hausman, and Dr. Lester Hunt, without whose endless patience and availability the paper would not have been possible. Thanks also go to Dr. Jack Williams for helping me to understand the science behind the climate change issue, to Gene Callahan, Dr. Anthony Carilli, and "Anonymous Referee #2" for their comments in helping me to revise the paper, and to Geoffrey Lea, Joseph Onorati, and Tom Duncan for being excellent resources on economic theory as I worked towards a finished product. And thanks particularly to my wonderful friends who managed not to strangle me to death while I was researching and writing the paper, and droning pedantically about climate change the whole while.


Anonymous said...

You are a rising star, Danny. Study hard.

Danny said...

Haha thank you, Dmitry; let's not get ahead of ourselves, though! Studying hard sounds like the best idea.

Suchita S said...

::Cue the get-off-the-stage Oscar music::


Congrats, Danny. Did they make the manuscript all pretty?

Danny said...

Not yet, my bloodstained princess. Not yet. Maybe if you go harvest some more innards, it'll be ready when you come back.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic, brother!

Danny said...

Thank you, sir!

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