Sunday, May 17, 2009

Check Out Roman Pearah's Critique of My Metaethical Views!

[This post is part of The Morality Debate]

Over at the Instead of a Blog unblog, Roman Pearah wrote an incredibly kind critique of the arguments I've offered over the last week or so in defense of moral fictionalism. Roman's arguments are built on a collection of papers and lectures by Roderick Long, to which links are conveniently provided in the post. I've read through Roman's post, but want to hold off on responding until I've had a chance to read and digest Dr. Long's pieces and Roman's arguments in their light. In the mean time, I encourage everyone to check out Roman's critique as well as the rest of his blog. Roman is one of an unfortunately small group of truly intelligent, nice, and sophisticated thinkers in the world of philosophical blogging (or un-blogging as it may be in his case), and he deserves every bit of your attention.

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Neverfox said...


Wow, thank you for the kind remarks, Danny! I can't wait to hear your thoughts. Let me apologize if my post feels disjointed or disorganized. I wrote it sporadically during a busy week, part of which I was feeling under the weather. I eventually just had to count to five and hit "publish" before I drove it off a cliff.

You will discover as you read the sources that I didn't introduce much that was original for now but instead did my best to interpret Dr. Long's work where it seemed to address your own. I hope to have some new things to add if this continues.


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