Thursday, April 30, 2009

Did I Mention How Excited I Am?

I know I'm a little late in reading this, but still...I don't think I've ever been this eager to start something in my life! Check it out -- "Philosophy of Freedom: Creating a World-Class Center at the UA."


Michael said...

"the UA political philosophy program has recently been ranked #1 in the world"


Dan Waxman said...

Sounds really great. I don't mean to be a downer or anything, but are you worried at all that by going to Arizona you'll be pigeon-holed as a libertarian political philosopher rather than a philosopher simpliciter? I only ask because I'm seriously considering applying for the same program after I graduate, and I wondered what you thought.

Lester Hunt said...

Yay, Dave! The only problem is that picture of him is so tiny. But seriously, don't worry that having a degree from Arizona will type you as a nut-job.

Danny said...

Crazy, right?

Dan, you should check out some of Thomas Christiano's work. He's most definitely not a libertarian, and at least until the new faculty hires come in, I'm going to be relying on him to be my designated critic. We got to sit down to talk for an hour or so when I visited the school, and I can already tell that working with him is going to be just as important as working with Dave and Jerry. Also, the department is going to be hiring several new faculty members in political philosophy, and I can't imagine they'd all be even remotely libertarian.

So I guess I'm not too worried that studying at Arizona will make me close-minded or narrow-focused. And aside from working with Dr. Christiano and the other non-libertarian political philosophy professors who will be joining the faculty, I'm also going to be continuing my climate change research, and my hope is to be able to articulate my ideas in that community in a way that will be accessible to the non-libertarians who tend to exert a dominant influence in some areas. So that'll force me to make myself presentable to a more mainstream audience as well.

In any case, definitely feel free to get in touch with me as you're working through the grad school application process; good luck!

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