Saturday, April 25, 2009

Rather Than Say This Myself...

It's generally been my policy to avoid posting things on this blog that relate to my personal matters outside of the world of philosophy. And I'd like to keep things that way. But recently, I wrote a critique of Stefan Molyneux's book, Univerally Preferable Behaviour: A Rational Proof of Secular Ethics, which was met with a response that I can only call unbecoming of a group of people who claim to be interested in participating in philosophical discourse. Airing my personal grievances would be an uncomfortable use of this space, and so I will not do that. I will instead acknowledge the feelings of another person, YouTube user LibertyIsNotGiven (Eugene on Freedomain Radio), as discussed in his video, "Freedomain Radio - This Train is Bound for Bullshit" (the embedding feature on YouTube has been disabled for the video, so you'll need to click on the link to see it). I think that Eugene's comments should more than suffice to give you a basic idea of what I think about all of this.

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QuestEon said...

Just so you know, I continued to reference your work in Part 3 of "The Promise and Failure of UPB" on FDRLiberated as well.

I also included a few notes about this video.

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